They made me go Tasseled ♥


Tassel earrings have suddenly become a fashion trend, while way back in history they are just ornaments, symbol for power or use to remind people about the commandments of the lord. Now whenever I scan over my social media site, I see alot of girls wearing them in various colors, different sizes and handcrafted beautifully that they started to change my viewpoint on wearing earrings.

As how I love fashion, I started to embrace this trend and because life is too short not to try something new so why not go with it! Searching over different online shops and looking over their design, this crafted head of mine decided to join the bandwagon system.

I was excited to purchase my 1st pair which is in color baby pink and I’m so inlove with it. It’s very lightweight and looks so chic that can spice up a simple outfit, looks sophisticated and very versatile with the outfit you wanna settle to.


Now instead of purchasing again, might as well do it on my own so that I can design it myself and also no complaining will happen or disappointment at the end. Scenario with online shopping, Expectation VS. Reality.

To start my craft, I decided to get these crochet for less than a 100 php each, earring hooks (100 pcs )  for 20 Php, jump rings (50 pcs) for 25 Php and some flowers in two colors for 7.50 Php each . Cut 2 cardboard in different sizes depending on the length you want and then let’s start! You might already know how this works, loop it round and round on the board until it’s thick enough, insert the hook and lock, remove from the board and make a second knot around it to lock the hook in place. Cut the loose end part so that they can freely move and make sure they are uniformly straight. Once done, attach your jump ring and it’s ready! I just add some flower and make sure to secure it.




These are my Simple DIY Tassel earrings.


 Instead of hanging them out and getting all dusty, I store them in this watch holder that my BF got me.  I used the top cover to hang my tassel which is a  DIY also. I just add some laces and just add a crochet stopper and here they are well secured and clean.


Still on the search for a metallic or gold crochet and hoping to find one.

Have you tried making one?  It’s super fun and I find it therapeutic as well.

Wanna hear about your DIY tassel also.

Blogging on!


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