Love at first swipe ♥

♥ Let me start this blog by saying that ” I am so so so so in love with this makeup remover from the beginning I started using it! It’s freaking amazing the first time I applied it over my face! ♥ It may sound exaggerating but honestly saying the truth.

Micellar Water is actually water with a different composition (micelles) that is  attracted to dirt and impurities yet delicate and non drying to the skin. Just last year a lot of brands commonly known here in the Philippines released their very own micellar water and foreign brands new to us have join the craze of  ” The Ultimate Micellar  Match!”

Now Garnier, a known brand for their skincare line for such a long time launch their very own Micellar Water last year. I know it’s kinda late for  review but I just got my hands over this brand and I’ve been using another brand for such a long time which I can say we have a Love or hate relationship.

Garnier launched two variation of Micellar Water, a Pink one for normal to dry skin and a Blue one which is their Pure active for oily acne prone skin. I have a combination skin type and for this Ber months, I have a very dry skin especially on the forehead.


I have mine in 125 ml which only cost 149 php and a bigger one in 400 ml for 249 php. So inexpensive for such a good quality poduct right?! It has that mild scent to it but not that irritating and the good thing with their micellar water is that it’s not OILY. It feels like water and absorbs by the skin really fast without the greasy feeling.


At the back we have a small information about the product and the directions that I wanna highlight is true, “NO RUBBING,NO RINSING”. We can also see below that it was manufactured last February 23, 2017 .


I do not usually do the ” add product to cotton pads and wipe to face” direction. I like to transfer it to an atomizer and spray it over my face. I believe that the force exerted by the atomizer is enough to dig into the makeup I have that will help loosen them making it more easier to remove. Once I have it on my face, I let it sit for a min or 2 then slowly swipe it off with a cotton pads/balls. I have been using this technique  for months and I believe that it’s way more better that way because no spot is missed and less waste of product.


Now, does it really remove your makeup? I can say based on my honest opinion and experience is YES! With technique that I have been routinely using, I only used 2 cottons to completely remove the makeup without adding product to the cotton itself.

The most asked question is ” how about waterproof makeup?

With the Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara which we all know is a holy grail for being so waterproof, it do remove a bit of the product but not for those thick coated part of your lashes. I normally leave them the way it was and let my facial wash do it’s thing as a second base. It doesn’t irritate your eyes or make your lashes feel heavy like the previous one I have.

For the overall experience, will do and surely purchase another bottle!

Hope this review and my life beauty hacks would be helpful.

I would love to hear your experience too and share with me your beauty hacks as well.

Blogging on!


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  1. I absolutely love this product too!!

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    1. Gizzelle Galvan says:

      It’s so amazing right!

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