A Sudden Getaway

So recently my parents get to meet their closest friend again since college and you could really see it in their faces how they miss each other together with their nonstop chitchat and throwback of the things they did way back in their teenage life. While they are busy talking to one another, here I am alone and indulging every food they offer because it’s the birthday of Aunt’s mom and WHAT IS DIET?! I feel very guilty after and my mood is not that good due to migraine. I think that is the karma for me. Before ending the day and bid them goodbye, Uncle and my Dad decided and agreed that we are going to Boracay the next day! Oh Boy!

I have been thinking lately about going over to the beaches here in our province but never did I even thought of or even plan to go to Boracay this ber months. It’s the season of  grumpy skies and cold chilly wind plus add to that the huge waves that make my heart beat faster that I feel like they’re going to blast  out of my chest.

Still undecided that night if i’ll be going or not because of my migraine but before hitting the bed I have already chose what to wear for that one night next day time to go home scenario. Waking up the next day feeling fine with no minor headache, I hurriedly packed all the things I need making sure that I got the necessary stuff in my bag. It’s a good thing that I did keep this underwear plastic case from Bench! It’s a life saver! I cannot find the one that I always use to store my bathroom essential and I am in a hurry so I used this! The little hanger thingy is very useful that I get to hang in anywhere.


Bringing the car with us, me and our driver need to get on the port of Guimaras early to be able to ride the Roro because it’s a first come first serve basis or else we ( my aunt with their own car also) will have to wait for the next trip.

The vessel just left when we arrived and now we have to wait an hour for the next trip. View from where I am is the port for the pump boat heading to Iloilo.


Thank God for hearing my payers and granting us with such a fine weather!


Fact about me: I know how to swim but I am scared of deep waters. Need to overcome that fear though.


Soon to open. the Philippine Port Authority  new building here in Guimaras.


With the all around man of our family and a good photographer as well hahahah! I did dyed my hair to a darker shade but it turned out more lighter.


Ask our driver to take a photo of me and well the outcome is on point plus the hair flip thingy! thumbs up!

For my outfit here, I decided to wear a dress that I got from thrifting  because I feel more  comfortable with that and it is easier to WEE especially that we are going to travel for 5 hours. Faux fur slippers for the beach I think is not a bad idea after all. Bag from a thrift shop in manila!


We do not have any hotel reservations for that day but good thing auntie have a friend that help us out to find a room to stay for the night. We even got a discounts even though the room is very affordable, spacious, with aircon, 2 double bed, tv, wifi, shower, near the souvenir shop and is located at Station 2.


We had a lot of stopover and uncle got to buy a sack of Talaba for 200 php only! The road was kinda scary because of the huge trucks and buses going the same route as we are. Arrived at boracay 9 pm in the evening but then I opted to go have a walk even though I was really exhausted and because I was craving for Ice cream.

Got a snap of their sand art before the tides started to ruin it.


Good morning boracay! Alarm set to 4:30 and I ended up waking at 6: 55 in the morning. Hurriedly rush to the shore to catch up the sunrise but nahhhhh! The grumpy skies i’m saying.


Planning to have a morning dip but the water is not on my body’s  thermoregulating level. Been so addicted with fur things lately.


I ended up in the shower and off for a stroll to station 1 to see “JONAH’S”! The problem with being alone, no one will take your pictures and I forgot my tripod. Taking refuge from the rain.


Waiting for the sun  while enjoying Jonah’s papaya shake.


This young sand artist was kind enough to take my photos  nicely.


The mandatory photo that our driver insisted because of the rainbow at the back. Thrifted Marilyn Monroe inspired dress to emphasize the curves more.


This dog was about to leave because I woke him up but then I told him to lay down again and here he is,enjoying his morning sunbathing with the view.


Sibuyan Sea ( according to Waze)  smashing it’s  water over this pebbled shoreline. On our way home now!


Missed the targeted time of departure again! In case you’re planning to bring your vehicles over to Guimaras then checked out their Facebook page. Boat fare is 400+ php  with the driver free of expenses, 40+ php per head of passenger and PPA of 129 php for one way.



What a day! So happy to be home and still recovering from exhaustion.

Will surely visit Boracay again but this time maybe a longer stay I guess with some activities and a little night life.

Before ending this blog, I just wanna share my thoughts about the things I’ve seen when the sun is out in Boracay. I am very proud to be living here in the Philippines which is famous for the unremarkable tourist spots we have like Boracay. Seeing a lot of foreign people signifies how our tourism is going and that is a good sign but then I just cannot contain how other people do their dirty business. I see a lot of women/ gay  in seductive clothes and with dark makeup on, standing at the side of the road waiting for a foreign guy to flirt with or used their self as a bait to attract men. It’s horrifying for me that years later Boracay will be known to as something which should not be and come to think about the rate of AIDS/STD in our country.  I hope they can find solutions to that.

Ending this blog with a George Washington Carver Qoute.

“Where there is no vision, There is no hope.”

Till next time Boracay!

Where to next? Palawan?!  cross fingers to that!

Blogging on!


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