To be continued..

November 2 is normally  a fun and exciting day for all of us.Me and my cousin together with my aunts would plan a surprise birthday party for our grandmother ahead of time. Decide on the motif, food, guest, secret birthday invitation and the decoration for the venue which always happen at my aunt’s house. It’s really funny when you pretend not to know anything when you’re with her especially that she hate’s spending money for such stuff but seeing how happy she was gives me that blissful  feeling.

Now things are not the way it used to be. She died because of a Cardiac Arrest just this September at the age of 89 years old. It’s a sudden event that we do not really see coming. She was a strong woman that can still do things that she wishes to do but then life really is unpredictable.

Even though she is not here with us anymore, we did still prepared something for her but the laughter within us is not that ecstatic. To soothe and break the mood, me and Charrie  (cousin)  decided to head over our relative’s resort which is not that far from my aunt’s house. We get to chill and have some peace of mind by the beach and Charrie was able to play around with her DSLR.

My brother’s Halloween version for the pumpkin.
Pap’s wanted to add some color to the eyes and put this button like flowers.
Happy birthday LOLA! Hope my brother’s gift will make you smile and scare those boys stealing your candles.


Post typhoon scenario as always. Random stuff by the shore.


My Fearless 1st cousin, Charrie!



My top inspired me to write down this blog and because YOLO so why stop. This top is from one of my thrift shopping and I got this together with the other 7 for 50 php. Yes! 8 items for 50 php! My most worn out shorts for the bottom  that mom got me and a pair of slippers.


I feel like a walking pedestrian lane / referee .


 Your life now is what you make out of it, you must move on ,learn from your past and make the most of everything for the future.

Our existence here on earth is a cycle of up and down, it is meant TO BE CONTINUED.

Blogging on!

♥Gizzelle ♥

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