Bloody Riot

Today is October 28 and it’s just a matter of days till November! Who’s excited for it?! I am but not for the dead and soul but because we are going over our grandma’s place and I get to eat ” Palitaw, Bitso- bitso, Suman,etc”! It’s a Filipino delicacy that we usually cook during all Souls Day.

Now as promise! Here is another inspiration for you to sport out on your Halloween parties! This will be again a very very easy one and don’t worry if you don’t get the makeup right because the messier the better.

Let’s begin!

For the face, do your foundation normally like how you would like it as well for the brows. This makeup was supposed to be inspired by barbie but then why not go over that nice thing and be different. Using a contour powder, apply it over the sockets of your eyes to emphasize and to darken the area. Use a concealer and apply it over your lids, this will serve as an eyelid primer to enhance the color that we are going to top it which is the color pink. Apply a blue eyehadow on your lower eyelid and then darken the outer part of your eye and lower eyelid with a black eyeshadow. The darker the better. Add some winged liner and make it flirty. Apply mascara of your choice if you’re not that good and comfortable with falsies. Contour the hollows of your cheekbones and don’t forget your nose line.


Now for the fun part! Adding those bloody bruises,ecchymosis and the hollow nose. Our look should be like a beat up chic that made it out of a bloody riot looking for vengeance.

For the ecchymosis, use a brush to add the contour powder to areas where you wanted to place it and make sure that the area is darker than your skintone. Top it over with red eyeshadow then purple/ violet. Just continue adding the colors until you get your desired degree of damage.

To make the bloody cuts, use a black liner (Nichido) and make a crooked line. Top it after with a red liquid lipstick and do some dripping like design below it. I first use the LA Girl matte pigment gloss in #11 because of it’s bright red color so that it would look like a fresh blood.Over that I apply the EB Advance LTD liquid lipstick in Moody Merlot to make it look more bloody.

Lastly, the hollow nose! Draw an inverted heart using a black liner, fill it in and add some black eyeshadow on top. Add the same eyeshadows we use for the ecchymosis and the lipsticks around it.

And we are done! Add some accessories to spice up your look and  just mess around  with your hair. My bodycon  dress that is so halloweenish in color is from Rampage and black shoes from a bazaar which I’ve been keeping for 2 years now.







What’s your look for the upcoming Halloween? For sure you’re going to nail it up!

If you haven’t decided yet on what looks you might want to show off or having a hard time deciding then head to

They got the the Ultimate Halloowen Hairstyle guide to help you solve your problems when it comes to styling your hair.

Happy Halloween and all souls to everyone!

Blogging on!


Ultimate Halloween Hairstyles

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