Highlighter Review x Lots of Love

Today’s topic will be about beauty and everyone’s favorite, the HIGHLIGHTER.

Now highlighter comes in either a powder form or cream type and sometimes the alternative, shimmery white or champagne eyeshadow. Depending on the brand and quality, there are those that cost a thousand or local drugstore that are cheap and affordable. Either way you would prefer it, it still depends on the skin type you have, staying power you wanna achieve and the payoff that the product gives.

For me, my skin type is a combination to oily skin which means I tend to oil up mostly on my T zone ( for sure you know that) during summer or whenever the weather is too warm for my skin and dry mostly on the side of my face during cold season or instances that  I have stayed too long in an  air conditioned room. I mostly prefer a semi matte or no powder on top  finish when I use a matte foundation which is the Revlon Colorstay, my holy grail foundation. Because my foundation is matte and there are times that I have to touch up with a powder,I ended up having a very matte face which I mostly dislike because I feel like my face lacks life and I wanted a dewy finish.

Doing youtube videos years ago, I use eyeshadow as my highlighter and it work’s well with the sparkle it give but then it’s like powder top on my face so I started to look for a highlighter that I could also used not just for filming and as a first timer buyer I wanted to start with an affordable one.

Before purchasing one for  yourself, take into consideration the kind of highlighter that you would  opt to.

The qualities that I would prefer on a highlighter would be.

1.) Not too bold and striking on my face that I wouldn’t look like a disco light.

2.) look natural for my morena skin tone.

3.) looks good even without any makeup on.

4.) sheer  and buildable.

5.)would stay maybe half / whole day with the kind of skin type I have.

The verdict I ended up is a cream type highlighter. WHY? First thing that came into my mind is that they are easy to blend which is a good thing for those times when you are in a hurry and no brush is needed for blending. My foundation is a liquid type and as what I have said , I am not a fan of powder on top finish makeup so cream would be the perfect match to that. It would look subtle and create a natural glowy finish to my face.

Looking and swatching over different brands of highlighter on our local drugstore ( SM deptarment store), I have decided to get the one from the brand LOL which stand for Lots of love. How cute is that for a brand name ♥.

Now I have used this highlighter for a week so this will not be a First impression review but I’l be sharing you my thoughts about it. This cute stick highlighter only cost 199 php and they also have a powder duo highlighter that cost 219 php. It’s very small and handy so I can just toss it in my bag because it is made of plastic, both the body and the cap. The bronzy shade really suits my skin tone well and  I like how the shimmers are very fine so it provides a natural dewy finish like I am not wearing any highlighter. The staying power is impressive because it doesn’t fade of with my face getting all sweaty. I just pat my handkerchief or a tissue over my face and the oil is gone but the glow is still intact. I love applying it over the bridge of my nose, cheekbones, browbone and sometimes on the cupids bow of my lips.


Two other shades are Pleased as Punch and Crazy Coconut.





As you can see it really looks natural! I like the fact that it gives me that well hydrated face and the color vanishes from bronzy to somewhat clear.

One thing that I think you wouldn’t like is the scent of the product but will totally fade. It has that oily chemical scent, like candles but very tolerable. For those who are sensitive to scents then you may try their powder highlighter.

Lol is made in P.R.C. and not sure if this is what it stands for (People’s Republic of China) and distributed by France. Correct me if I’m wrong with that.

This makeup line is against  animal cruelty and they do not test their product on animal as stated on the bottle so do on their home page.



Let me also know what are your thoughts about this and other makeup product they have on the comment box.

Blogging on!


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