Summer on a September / Amana Waterpark Resort

If you are within  metro manila or someone out or visiting and wanna have a break from the scorching heat, warm humid air, traffic and the busy life of the city, then why don’t you bring along your family and friend to Amana Waterpark Resort!

I am very thankful and happy that I get to come with my cousin to her friend’s birthday!We are staying in the south and Amana is located at the north side so that would take us 3 hours or more with the crazy traffic here in manila. Taking a private vehicle which I highly recommend  you to do so, we did manage to arrive at Amana less than 2 hours safely!

Amana Waterpark resort is located at Santisima St., Plaridel , Bulacan which is a province type place with all the trees, rice fields and hills that reminds me more of my hometown and yes, the fresh air! It is such an enormous place far from what I expect and seen in the pictures so better wear some comfy slippers,shoes, or any thing that would protect your feet and add to it a hat or umbrella and don’t forget your sunblock!

The picture below shows the whole  resort which had 11 pools (blue push pin– pool side where we are staying, red push pin – outdoor and indoor pools, yellow push pin– the highlight of the resort, the WAVE POOL). The white push pin marks the entrance which is far from the pool side and that had another entrance where you need to show of your purchased tickets.


The resort is not located exactly on the main road and you have to pass by some houses with two lane concrete roads just right to fit two vehicles. There are road signs on the way so you wouldn’t get loss and you can even stop over to buy Chicharon which is what they are famous for.

It was past 10 when I decided to take some photos for this blog and I am so excited yet not very comfortable for the weather is striking hot and I do not have any umbrella or hat to protect myself but It’s worth it! I feel like a child jumping up and down because there are so much to see on this resort and I am very eager to discover them one by one.


On the main entrance, we have a  life size Kung Fu Panda Characters that will welcome you upon arriving.


Going in, not far from the gate you can see a rotating globe with the name of  Amana on it which mostly look like the one on the Universal studios.


On the left side corner of the gate is the ticketing office where you should definitely purchase your tickets for inspection on the next gate where all  the pools are located .



From the entrance is a long way going in with mango and coconut trees that provide shade for people who wanna have a walk and no worries  because there is a lot of benches to sit on if you want to. This area is very spacious for parking so don’t be troubled if your going to  bring a vehicle with you. They have designated parking space for cars and a separate one for the motorcycles.DSCN6114


I had to stop by and rest my feet from walking and also to cool myself down because it is a balmy kind of day. This old bench swan caught my attention and they have more but some have shattered wings or not safe to sit on. Not far I can see an Old horse and some characters that I think where broken and set aside left unattended. There is also a small old building that you are not allowed to enter and checking on the map that I have taken a photo, it is the Amana Hall and it looks spooky to me.


Now here is the Resort’s entrance and souvenir shop with ELDAR’S hat the mascot on Enchanted kingdom and a huge snake. Upon entering, you can ask the guard for some assistance in case you did bring a lot of food and stuff with you.


That’s the exit from where Batman is standing.



Crossing the bridge on the left side we have an Indiana Jones Adventure.


A bohol room that is not available at the moment.


Moving forward we have two route, left going to the Zipline starting point and Avatar Pool and the right is the main road going to our location, the Jurassic Pool which is the 2nd biggest to the Wave pool.


Not sure with this one because I have seen a lot of people wearing clothes forbidden for swimming.


Going to our location, we have life size Marvel and justice League Character that children would be fond of and adults ofcourse. Just right behind it is the Wave pool!



Just Infront of the wave pool we have the Vigan Rooms.



Highlights of the whole resort, The Wave Pool!


On the right side of the wave pool ,we have the Avengers!


Passing by the Vigan Rooms, they have a Clinic ,Videoke rentals, the Extreme Maxrider, Shower and toilet and a Grilling place.


Whoooopeee! Finally we have arrived!


I just had to take a photo looking like this. Realistic?!


Their Dinosaurs here looks real and funny because some kids are scared of them while we adults enjoy! This is their Dino landmark!


Amana Waterworl viewdeck.


This one is scary though.


Above the Dinosaur Landmark, we have more of the Jurassic cottages and another toilet and comfort room. Honestly speaking, this part of the resort is very bushy and dirty. I dunno if the garbage’s here are still  from the visitors who did accommodate this area  the previous days because trash are everywhere. The toilet is functioning but going there is a hassle with muddy soil and tall grasses.


Dinosaur Ribs shower area.



Beyond the pool they have 3 Real Ostrich that also lays egg and this Devon pig that is so cute and squishy!



Now going back to the bridge going left, we will pass by  a lot of Boracay Cottages and a viewing deck with available rooms.




Shower and Toilet for the Avatar Pool.


Now my expectation came crashing into pieces when I arrived. The whole place  is very dirty like the trashes again are scattered everywhere and various weeds are growing wild. The pool’s water is very stagnant and turning green. I am totally dismayed but  I dunno what their reason is but maybe because it’s not summer so they just let it be.


Let’s just imagine this place to be very lively with the water flowing and sprinkling like maybe in summer. Now, we have Neytiri and Jake here from the Avatar movie, Simba and the troops fom the Lion King  and I see a a replica of the Super trees like the one’s seen on the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore.


Walking further going around the Avater pool is their Dragon Ball Kiddie Pool. By the name of the pool we all know who to expect. Its like a battle area here with left side the bad guys consisting of Friezas, Cell, Majin Buu and the right side are the good guys with Piccolo, Goku, Trunks lastly Vegeta.



Let’s not forget Krillin, Master Roshi, Hercule (aka Mr Pogi) and little Goten.


Their Calatagan Cottage ( P2500) that can occupy 30 person  and the nearest to the above pool.


More cottages at the back of Calatagan and from here I can see their twin pool BUT then same condition with the Avatar pool however no trash but the grasses there needs some snippin! I didn’t take much photos for I am scared that a snake might crawl or whatever is in there that might endanger me.



The Minions Interactive Pool  is by far the most colorful pool that I have seen! Frustration level to minimum because this yellow guys here did managed to brighten up my day! They are so cute and irresistible!



The castle pool is the end point of the zip line that starts from the avatar pool crossing over  the wave pool. Below it is an indoor pool with a Jacuzzi that is freaking cold  and the nearest cottage available located in front is the Baguio Villa. Beside it is a wishing well and is not a real deep well so it safe for children. Now from this location, we are back again to the Jurassic Pool .






I know it sucks to see that they prohibit such things on their resort but as a good citizen we should abide by the rules. Now if your someone dying to drink carbonated drinks,chillers and I remember seeing  someone drinking an alcoholic beverage then you can buy over their canteen or food stalls just right beside the Wave pool.



Got myself a grande cappuccino from Redbucks and 90php is way too large for me. Too much for my cravings and headache.





Going back to the wave pool , we have a huge Bumble bee in front. I wonder who made all of these because it’s perfect especially the details on every character.


The depth of their wave pool starts from 3 FT – 7 Ft and secured with more than 4 lifeguards on both side. First the waves will start vertically calm and then once it reach it’s maximum force, it will suddenly change horizontally which is scary for me. Picture below shows that there is a rope between 6 ft and 7 ft for people who wanna experience the so called man made wave that Amana offer.


That’s realistically scary but these kids are really enjoying it. just look how they vanish whenever a wave goes back to them!


Now lets sum things up.

The issue with some of the pool areas and trash is a bit disappointing but then I understand that with such a huge place, amount of people coming and the few number of workers only, then maintaining the whole area might be difficult. It’s not summer also so less visitor I think than the usual.

Every pool have a standby lifeguard but as parents never depend your kids safety to other people.

Th rate for the entrance and cottages are very reasonable for the such a nice place to stay for a daytime or overnight use.

Writing this blog, checking some photos on google and looking over Amana’s map, I discovered that there are still areas that I missed during that day! There is still something behind that Indiana Jones that I believe where Mister Bean is from the picture in google, there is still a Batanes Pool near Calatagan Cottages, a Batman cave at the back of the food court area, more dinosaurs over the bushy toilet and shower area over the Jurasic pool, I didn’t know you can climb that gorilla on top of the wave pool and have your photo, I wonder where is shrek’s house located over the entire resort, there is a madagascar statues andSimpson with wilma.

Now be sure to check out those places if ever your going to visit Amana!

I didn’t regret going to Amana even with the situation of some areas that I have seen for I fully understand their condition but then I hope that even though there are places not much visited or like by people they should somehow maintain the cleanliness of that area.

I think that’s all for this blog and I wanna say sorry for the poor quality of some photos. Will work on that.

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Blogging on!



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