28 and counting

According to the Bible, Ecclesiastes, in the chapter 3 verses 2 to 8, enumerates 28 “times” in these 7 verses:

” There is a time for giving birth and a time for dying, for planting and for uprooting what has been planted, to kill and heal, to destroy and build, to cry and laughter, to mourn and dance, to throw stones away and to gather them, to embrace and to refrain from embracing, to search and lose, to keep and discard, to tear and sew, for keeping silent and to speak, to love and to hate, and finally a time for war and a time for peace.”

Last August 25, I turned 28 years old and I am very happy and thankful for another year that was given to me. On this earth, few are unlucky to have reach such age like babies dying out because of a disease or children who did fought a good fight for their life especially during a war.

Throughout those years, I have learned lessons about life, realized things and been with people who did help me know what the kind of person I wanted to become. Life’s journey was sometimes blissful, miserable, incredible, awful, terrifying and entertaining. No one can predict what tomorrow will bring and I believe that as a Christian, if your faith is bigger than your fears and God is the foundation of everything , all things fall to the right place.

Death is not something to be feared about. I know It’s horrifying but you just have to make the most of your everyday life and ask yourself why and what is that thing that is scaring you and you just have to make things right.

I am not the perfect daughter like others and what other people think but I know in myself I have done everything that will make my family proud of me. There are instances in life when I was till young that I really get embarrassed of the things in my life but then I realized that I shouldn’t be. My eyes have seen the pain and sadness that it cause to my family and it really hurts me more. I gathered all the strength and did show other people what really I am, what I have and we only have. People who are true to you will accept you as who you are not because of what you let them see. I did  found real friends and life had been more better to live with.

I have encountered different kinds of problems in life and there are times that I feel like giving up. I was too weak, body and soul to stand up and find remedy to it. I cried silently. However the devil can see and will make things worst than ever. I keep asking myself what I did to be punish and why I deserve  this and the questions goes on. I keep on blaming myself  and my self worth got drowned to the deepest water.

I am a loner and because I wanted to have a peace of mind. Clear like a white plain room without anything on it, put myself at the center and think of the mess I have been. Thinking deeper I found the answer, I need to make my soul stronger so the body can do so. I’ts like a puppet, we need someone stronger for us to function and for me that is God. I felt really embarrassed of myself and of what I did and I cried. I did put more focus on other stuff that makes me happy like the Wants which should be the Needs and that is my religion. I told myself to start things anew and God would be the center of it. Time for me to repay what he had given us and as a christian, baptized and given with the sacraments, I will be his loyal soldier. Now my life is much more blissful. I can easily handle my problems, find real peace of mind,be more positive and the feeling is much more lighter, like all the loads and burdens are gone.

Done are those days where in I would yearn for the material things, luxurious living and the countless things I wanted in life.

A simple life, happy, healthy and complete set of family, a good husband and a stable job is all I needed now.

It’s not to late for you to find the answers to your questions.

Open your eyes and see the world.

Reflect and think.

Blogging on.








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