Yoyoso dual ended 3 dimensional eyebrow pencil with brush.

Last month, I did dye my hair to balance out the color and I chose something darker but it ends out to a slightly lighter one than I expected. Now I am looking for an eyebrow product that would match my hair color and lighter than the present one I am using which is the Etude house drawing Eyebrow in #1. So I head over to Watson to look for an eyebrow product and the first thing that came into my mind is the brand Nichido. I remember way back when I do still have my long blonde hair, I use the eyebrow pencil in the shade Chestnut. I was a bit dismayed as well happy for the reason that it was not available and because I’m kinda hesitant to buy it. I remember the last time I used the product it was so different. I keep on sharpening and sharpening until all the product got wasted and I ended up throwing it.

Next to it is the brand Everbilena and Pinkies collection and their eyebrow pencil are a bit reddish undertone when swatch on my hand. My last resort was Maybelline but stocks were limited. I went over to Robinson’s Las Pinas hoping that Yoyoso would have the tone of eyebrow pencil I am looking for. Cross finger!

Browsing over their eyebrow collection which comes in various shades and styles, I got the perfect eyebrow shade I’ve been searching for! Thanks to their friendly SA!


Yoyoso’s eyebrow pencil looks similar with the Etude House however the product when retracted from Yoyoso is a bit thicker and kinda not stable but work’s fine. The spoolie with Yoyoso is smaller and the whole product itself is kinda bigger which I’m not use to.


The product is easy to use, it’s not waxy and long lasting. It has a cool undertone as seen in the picture which is perfect for those with blonde hair or light colored hair. After I apply the product on my eyebrow, I do not used a spoolie to blend but an angled brush so that the edges would be clean and no concealing is needed.


The product cost 99 Php which is very affordable and budget friendly for students.

Have you tried out other Yoyoso products? Would really love to know what you also think of them.

Till next time!

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