Collective Thrift Haul

So I just posted a blog last time about the ” 20 kg luggage limit”.

I dunno what’s with the number 20 that  recently I found out a thrift store that sells good clothes for 20 php! Well actually my aunt told me about that but clothes upon arrival sells at 50 then goes down.

 So according to our trusty Google, “THRIFT STORES” are stores selling secondhand clothes and other household goods, typically to raise funds for a charitable institution. However here in the Philippines that is not the case but as a source of income for others.

Now the question is and always ” where these clothes came from??????”

Honestly I do not know either! Some say they came from dead people, relief goods for the homeless victims, clothes that weren’t sold and the list of possible answers are endless.

I really love thrifting for the reason that I find satisfaction with the kind of clothes I see especially that I have my own preference of style.The most important thing to me is it must have something unique on it so that it can stand out from the rest. Just make sure to clean them properly by soaking them first on hot water and wash it properly with the right detergent that wouldn’t wear off the color. Sun dry it so that bacteria’s present on it would be terminated. Just to be sure!

Now without further ado let’s proceed with my haul.

Laces and pearls are my all time favorite! The fabric is stretchable and soft that would fit my body perfectly. The length is just right to cover my butt area incase I would want to pair it with some leggings.

page 2

I just cannot let go of this top even though it has a little pen stain on it. I did try to wash it off with bleach but nothing happened so I decided to just add a rose patch to hide it. I love the detailing of the mesh at the center.

page 3

Cold shoulder tops are now a trend everywhere and been planning on buying one, good thing I found this top! The ruffles bring out the playful side of me.

page 4

Lace top gives you that vintage, classic and sweet look. The top is not that sheer and the fabric is soft. Buttons at the back are just designs.

page 5

What grab my attention is the butterfly wings split flutter sleeve this top have which is made of organza fabric. I’ve never seen a sleeve as pretty as this one! I feel very lucky for owning this top for 20 php!

page 6

I ♥ floral  embroidered top! I see myself wearing this with tasseled earrings, flat sandals and a cute native hat or bag!

page 7

Been seeing ruffled skirt all over IG especially on the Encisco sisters!

page 8

Battling whether to get this white sheer kimono or not but because the design was very unique and I know I would really use this one.


First thing that came into my mind is the “kylie jenner logo lip”. Sexy and edgy in one.

page 9

For the longest time that I have been searching for an Ideal bummer jacket, finally had the one and is perfect for a hot or cold weather.


The laces on this western top gives it a feminine and romantic look. The sleeves is just right for my arm.





Never owned a seafoam color top and so I did grab this one.  The fabric is very light and comfortable.


It’s so cute! Been addicted now with oxford tops and will surely hoard over them! The fabric is silky like and feels very comfortable when worn.




The material is cotton and it’s so soft that I wanna use it as a blanket! At first I thought that it was a romper but not.


Flutter sleeves



Peplum tops are one of my obsessions and I have never owned a yellow one.


Instant accessories!



Another collar top! the material is soft but a bit see through with palm leaves design. ♥


This oversized top is quite thick but comfortable. I like how the color goes and I remember tree trunk from “adventure time”!



That’s all for this haul.

See you on my next blog!

♥Gizzelle ♥






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