My experience taking NC II in Caregiving

Hi guys!

So if you happen to read the about me section then you might have an idea   that I am a Registered Nurse here in the Philippines year 2010. It was 2006 when I graduated from highschool and I wanted to be a Pediatrician,Veterinarian and Interior Designer. However during that time Nursing was the most in demand course and well my parents ask me if I wanted to take it and I did.


Graduating from college feels great! I’m happy that after all the roller coaster ride every semester, I was able to conquer them all even though there were times that I feel like giving up and crying myself out because I am hell tired of everything.


Time to tick off √ another milestone in my life!


Now as a professional, you are ready to face the world and follow the path that you think is the right one for you.  You are now responsible of your own self  and you also need to upgrade your knowledge through Training’s and Seminars!

“More entries means for chances of winning!”


Now while I’m here in Manila, My cousin who is a teacher at St. Francis of Assisi College (SFAC ) told me that there would be a NC II Caregiving Assessment and open for those interested. I was kinda hesitant at first because that would be a different surrounding  and different people for me.


My cousin did convince me by saying that it would be an additional certificate for my part. She was right and so I told myself that I have to go out of my comfort zone and prove to myself that I can and I will pass the assessment even though there were licensed nurses who did not passed from the previous batch. YIKES!


The assessment cost 1500 pesos but because I am a licensed and experienced nurse already, I am not required to attend the lecture  just the pre assessment which is 1 day and cost 1000 pesos.



I have to observe the Caregiver how THEY do  the  following:


Vital signs taking


Bed making  -occupied and unoccupied (open and close)


Bed bath


Oral/Shaving ( conscious and unconscious)


Perineal care ( with and without catheter)


NGT Feeding




Newborn Care (bathing, preparing bottles for feeding, feeding and instance of choking)


Transfer technique (bed – wheelchair, wheelchair- bed, assist to walk)


Use of devices ( crutches, walker, cane)(2 point, 3 point, 4 point, swing to and swing through)


CPR ( adult and infant)


Ok, so that was maybe easy for me but NOT! I have to take note of everything for 1 day.


All of those MUST BE PERFORMED THE CAREGIVER WAY NOT BY OUR WAYS (NURSING) . When I was working at the hospital, we  do all sorts of task for  like being a Charge and Medication nurse, recheck abnormal VS taken , NGT feeding ,CPR and so on. Some are under the nursing attendant like the bed making and etc.


Make sure to read the training regulations for reference regarding the competency by clicking the link below.


TR Caregiving NC II (Rev)


The assessment was done on one of the rooms of St. Francis of Assisi College which was air conditioned with complete paraphernalia for the training.

occupied bed making  and bed bath
bed making open and closed
use of devices and transfer techniques
hand washing
Newborn care
perineal care
oral and shaving conscious and unconscius
pre assessment day with the caregivers


Mrs. Sharon ,the Dean of Nursing at St. Francis of Assisi told us that when performing we should make our voice louder so that the assessor wouldn’t ask us much question.



Assessor:  Ms. Carol Calupitan


We were 15 ( as I remember) in the group consisting of me ( walk-in licensed RN) 3 Nursing student (SFAC) and the rest were caregivers ( working and studying).


The first group chosen to perform the task was us! 4 of us nurses!


I was scared a bit but I know I can do the task given to me properly even though I might not do it exactly perfect but atleast I tried and if ever I did forgot something I would tell the assessor because it is a plus points that you did still remember that missing part.

Task Given


  Newborn care: Corrected me by not applying the shampoo ( must be  hypoallergenic and mild) directly on the NB scalp but diluting it first with water. Use a soft wash cloth to scrub the head  softly not gauze because it is a home setting not hospital.


√start with the face then remove clothing proceed with the body ( safety is a priority)


√wash feeding bottle (bottle, crown nipple) steam, check formula preparation ( 1:1), stop once the feeding is half and burp baby, transfer to the other side and feed the remaining then burp.


Bed making Occupied: corrected because I forgot to place the top sheet together with the draw sheet and cover sheet.


√ safety  and privacy is a priority, wash hands and gloves, positioning of client ( they call it ” OLA CHIKA DARNA” OR RECOVERY POSITION.) when doing one side of the bed. Cover sheet- draw sheet-topsheet ( fan fold the part that come’s in contact with skin.)


Bed bath :  I remember that I forgot something and told her after performing the procedure. Just being honest atleast I did remember.


√ face- torso-farthest upper arm to nearest then hands , farthest leg then nearest last feet.


Oral and shaving conscious and unconscious: done properly.


√ unconscious- side lying with HOB slightly elevated, padded tongue depressor dip in diluted mouth wash


Perineal care with out catheter both male and female : done properly.


√position blanket in a diamond shape,  tie the left and right pointed parts of the blanket on the clients ankle while on dorsal recumbent position to place the legs in place.


NGT feeding : done properly, same with nursing.


Transfer Technique :  corrected because I forgot to remove the transfer belt after returning the Patient to bed.


Use of devices: with minimal corrections.


CPR ( infant) : done properly plus infant choking


Day 3: Passed or Fail?


That morning was a surprised because we were given a question and answer and thank God that I did answer it correctly!

I did pass the assessment with all of those core competencies!♥




Leave a comment if you have any question for me.


See you on my next blog!


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29 Comments Add yours

  1. Suzanne says:

    Hi Gizzelle,

    Great blog! 👍 I really liked how you showed us your step by step training and why Filipinos are leaders in the field of Caregiving and Nursing. My name is Suzanne and I’m actually Fil-Can …my dad suffered a stroke a couple of years ago and we are now thinking about trying out a caregiver. We are thinking about sending my parents to the Philippines first before sponsoring a caregiver here in Canada. My question is where or what is the best way to find local trained caregivers who are looking for work in the Philippines and what is the expected salary? Eg my slim dad needs wheelchair /bed transfers and daily diaper changings, but he is quiet and friendly. If you can recommend actual people or agencies etc that would interest me as well. I’m just really starting to research this topic and want to know how to be an informed and fair future employer if we go through with this decision. Thanks so much!


    1. Gizzelle Galvan says:

      Honestly I am not knowledgeable about agencies as it was offered to students by tesda. Will ask my friends about that and will update you.


  2. Nesheena Mae says:

    Pinapasa po ba lahat sa tesda assessment for caregiving? Kahit nagkakamali o nakakalimutan mo yung procedure? Sana po mabasa niyo ‘to. Thankyou


    1. Gizzelle Galvan says:

      Not sure dear. It’s been more than a year now and depende na ata ngayon sa system din.


      1. Nesheena Mae says:

        Hala nakakakaba naman po, sa webes na po assessment namin e. Pano po if nablangko ka, ano gagawin?


      2. Gizzelle Galvan says:

        Wag ka lng kabahan at magpractice for demo. Lalo mo makakimutan yan. Basta alam mo gnagawa mo. Actually ako kinda iba dn kac lalo na po nursing ako at iba yung mga ways minsan kesa for caregiver


      3. Nesheena Mae says:

        Thankyou ate! Pwede po ba kahit hindi mo sabihin buong procedure basta tugma yung ginagawa mo?


      4. Gizzelle Galvan says:

        Actually nagoobserved lng naman sila. But then depende sa magsscore po sa inyo.


  3. Maria says:

    Hi gizzele, today im taking nc2. I want to ask, what are the questions they ask you on assessment day? Thanks !!!


    1. Gizzelle Galvan says:

      All would be about what they have discussed with you. Dont worry. And also it depends who your trainor or mentor is.


  4. Donadel Domingo says:

    Hi Gizelle,

    I find your blog very helpful specially for us working out how to get NC2. 🙂 Iam also a license nurse but i dont have hospital experience at all. Unfortunately its hard for me to check it myself as im working abroad so i was wondering if you have an idea. Do you think i can also do the assessment only without the lectures?



    1. Gizzelle Galvan says:

      That’s what i’ve been thinking before i got the training but there is a big difference between us nurses and caregivers when it comes to routines.


  5. Ed Zoey says:

    Dear Gizzelle, i just start NC II and i hope i will complete it in about 7 month and having the certificate would make me so happy. My quest is do you know is there a higher graduation after having NC II done ? If so what kind of school is it ?


    1. Gizzelle Galvan says:

      Sorry dear I dont have any idea but for sure some teachers or profs under NC2 can suggest or give you an idea.


    2. Ed Zoey says:

      Salamat po Gizzelle, i will ask for it as you recommended


      1. Gizzelle Galvan says:

        Welcome po. Happy to help


  6. sky says:

    Hi Ms. Gizzelle. I would like to ask you the followings:
    During your assessment you were 15 in your group, did you all enter in the room then all of you have the same thing to demo or individually will enter and do whatever the assessor want you to perform?
    You mentioned in the above that need to have a louder voice so that the assessor will not ask you many question, you mean po for example when your doing the bedbath you have to tell them step by step procedure and they will also asks question while your performing? Is it necessary to answer the assessor in English only or it is okay po if talagalog?
    Hoping for your response po. Thank you in advance.


    1. Gizzelle Galvan says:

      Yes the clearer the better . There were 4 bed with different dummy and all of you had to perform each assigned task by the assessor. 4 of us performed at the same time. And step by step sya. Coz knowingly doing the right thing kahit demonplng will be a good help in the real world. Like habit na sya. It depends on your assessor if they would agree to speak both languages


      1. sky says:

        Thank you po. I have another question po regarding for CPR, is it necessary to count or no need as long as you know what you are doing? if it is needed to count please correct me if i’m wrong for the countings: for checking pulse and breathing the count is 1001 to 1010 then compression 1 to 20, 1 t0 9 then no. of cycle. if rescue breathing for adult is it blow then 1 1002 1003 then no. of breaths?


      2. Gizzelle Galvan says:

        Yes it is necessary. But it depends again to your assessor. Regarding the counting. It is but again. We know there are alot of updates with that. And it also depends with the training or center you are in.


  7. Carlota laureta says:

    Hi there im an elementary teacher by profession. I graduated caregiver last 2006 but i was not able to take ncII because i was 7 mons pregnant that time. Now 2018 i want to apply caregiver going to canada, the problem is i need ncII can you recommend school to enrol so i can have review and pass ncII. I dont want to study again for 1 year. schools which i talked to wants me enroll and study again for 1 year. Thank you. Your blog is a big help.


    1. Gizzelle Galvan says:

      Hi carlota. Honestly it depends now. Regarding the school or agency and country you are up to . They have requirements that for sure you would have to take some courses again to be able to qualify with their standards.try inquiring at TESDA .


  8. Rona Jane says:

    Anu po requirement na hiningi sayo sis. RN din po ako.


    1. Gizzelle Galvan says:

      I just paid for the training maam.


  9. julysept says:

    We need to demo all the topics of Caregiving during assessment?



    1. Gizzelle Galvan says:

      It depends again also to your assesor but it’s somewhat like your going to have all of it done in order.


    2. Gizzelle Galvan says:

      yes dear but it depends to the assessor if he or she wishes you to have it all performed .


  10. MelanieBahala says:

    Hello MS. Giselle,

    I’m working here in Dubai. I enrolled in one institute ( Filipino Institute / F1 ) to study the “24 weeks caregiving training course, start last Feb 9 till July 20,2018. The school told us that we need to take the Tesda assessment test here in Dubai before we graduate from the course. we have the schedule by taking this assessment exam by July, but still waiting for the date. Is there a written exam and how long u need to finish the demo. Please waiting for your reply.

    Have a nice day!

    Thanks and regards,

    Melanie Bahala


    1. Gizzelle Galvan says:

      Hello there. It depends. We have a written exam and we did the demo for 1 and half day. We are 15 in a group with 1 assessor only


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