Hitting 2 birds with 1 stone.

Thinking  of what you’re going to wear for a day or a week is a mind boggling puzzling thing for every girls especially for those who wanna look fashionable in a simple way without looking overdress as well.

You gotta have that go to basic, something to vamp up a simple outfit and that could be transitioned to whatever style you might want it to be yet on point for that stuation. Good thing I did brought with me  assorted styles of top because you never know what dilemma might come your way.


♥Formal casual♥

I was going to attend a sort of job fair (OBTS for australia) at my cousin’s school and ofcourse you gotta wear something neat and modest for that kind of situation. Looking over my luggage, I only have 1 top that had a collar! Great!… Just Great!! If you did read my most recent blog then you might have an idea that I did bring a ton of clothes but honestly not a fan of those with collar.

Mom bought it from a friend, she always likes to surprise me with clothes and well because I am their only daughter.I have been keeping this top for 2 years  or 3 I guess and worn it like twice only.

I decided to pair it with my high waist pants because it’s the trend nowadays and I envision it perfectly match together. The top is cropped at the front, lengthy at the back, see through and with a bat wings like sleeves. The color is not my kind of hue but I know that it fits the weather perfectly ( AUTUMN!! )which is crazy because it tends to rain then sunny vice versa and so on plus the breeze is chilly! Also a good thing about it is that I wouldn’t feel hot nor cold whatever the climate might strike for that day.  I did wear a brown lacy spaghetti top inside so it wouldn’t be that revealing or else I’ll be the center of attention that morning. Feeling fancy, I wore my laced up black flats from SM Parisian which I got for sale!!

messy hair and simple makeup.



Simple lazy casual ♥

Finally done!! verdict?!  The job they are offering was not for me but for those business minded people!

Time for some grocery shopping with my cousin!

Still wearing the same top but paired with a high waist black short and marikina sandals which is so comfortable for a simple yet classy casual look.

excuse the thighs.. will be working out soon again.
blending with the colorful banners

Mcdonals for the Win before going home with the Uy fambam!!


playing with the camera’s sensor.


with the minnie vesion of  Ronnie Alonte and Daniel Padilla

Ending the blog with a quote from google.

“Fashion has always been a repition of ideas, but what makes it new is the way you put it together”


Blogging on!


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