Yoyoso dual ended 3 dimensional eyebrow pencil with brush.

Last month, I did dye my hair to balance out the color and I chose something darker but it ends out to a slightly lighter one than I expected. Now I am looking for an eyebrow product that would match my hair color and lighter than the present one I am using which is the Etude house drawing Eyebrow in #1.

Collective Thrift Haul

So I just posted a blog last time about the ” 20 kg luggage limit”.

I dunno what’s with the number 20 that  recently I found out a thrift store that sells good clothes for 20 php! Well actually my aunt told me about that but clothes upon arrival sells at 50 then goes down.

My experience taking NC II in Caregiving

So if you happen to read the about me section then you might have an idea   that I am a Registered Nurse here in the Philippines year 2010. It was 2006 when I graduated from highschool and I wanted to be a Pediatrician,Veterinarian and Interior Designer.

Hitting 2 birds with 1 stone.

Thinking  of what you’re going to wear for a day or a week is a mind boggling puzzling thingy for every girls especially for those who you wanna look fashionable in a simple way without looking overdress as well.