What I pack with a 20 kg luggage limit.

San aabot ang 20 kg luggage limit mo?

The question in my head to the tune of Cornetto commercial while looking at my closet.

It was end of June when me and my brother decided to book our flight for Manila on July 1 or 2. Luckily, my father was home for vacation and he decided to have our flights book by redeeming his travel awards using PAL’s Mabuhay Miles. He only paid some service charge and booked us on July 8 with a CHECK -IN LUGGAGE OF 20 KG!

However, that 20 kg still bothers me and I don’t wanna go beyond the limit. Honestly, I love to pack ALOT of clothes and makeup! It’s way better to pack much just incase you might need some of them ( not excusing myself) for emergency situations .

I’m very sure that each and every one of us had been there, searching the internet of how big our luggage would be,the size and all. After all the research for 2 days here is what I got.


And another way is

“Measure your weight using a digital weighing scale then weigh yourself again together with your luggage that had been already filled up with everything you are going to carry. Once your done measuring, subtract the 1st result with the second and the equivalent will be your present luggage weight.”

So am I still in doubt about the information that I’ve found  from the internet but then it’s worth the try so let’s see.

I was very determined to use my Red Luggage for good luck and the shape was perfect however after trying to fit in all my necessities, it feels like a bomb ready to explode any minute at the airport and I don’t want my things to go popping up flying. Thinking about that is so humiliating and  I decided to borrow my father’s luggage which is way bigger than mine.

I check the weight of both luggage and the results are the same! Would you believe that! Both were 5 kg and the bigger one actually did not reach exactly 5, just a little line and 5 kg it is. Lesson learned when choosing your luggage is to take into consideration the weight! I was fooled by that.

This is my borrowed luggage from papa.

Looks manly and dusty but it would work for me.



As mentioned earlier, this guy up here is way more spacious and bigger than the first one with the following measurement :


height : 62 cm

length : 29 cm

width: 39 cm




That’s a relief for me but I am not  still convinced with the result.

Even though I feel doubtful that time, It did not stop me from bringing as much stuff as I can. Yes! I will keep on insisting!

Taaaanaaaan!!!how my luggage look ♥♥♥♥♥


I have 2 pants, 1 leggings, 3 bandage skirt, 1 sweater, 3 outdoor shorts, 2 set of paired top and bottom, 10 dress , 4 cardigan, 9 random tops and  18 more where to be use just at home + the other stuff like shoes etc.WHEW!!

The upper part were very helpful for storing my inner garments, socks and etc. I reuse the plastic case of a bed sheet that my mom just bought to organize my little stuff.

undies, cycling,etc

I also would prefer a luggage with an elastic straps inside. It really helps to tame down and control everything in place.

eyewear dust bag to keep my white sneakers and lace flats
makeup brushes contained in a stretchy fabric I handsewn .
very sure they won’t be going anywhere
extra sling bag stuffed with my phone, laptop and camera charger.
filled with all the makeup stuff I need


The second compartment outside kept my documents and the third has nothing in it.

Finally that I am done packing everything up, I weigh my luggage again and the result, 16 KG!! OK.. Doing the second test. I weigh myself ,the luggage and subtract the result with my weight. 18 KG!! My paranoid self strikes out again thinking that there might be some mechanical problem with the scale because both should have the same result. I started to debate with my self whether to remove some clothes or not and my over packing self won!

Our flight was 10:50 in the morning but we decided to  arrived 7 am at the airport because we still need to go at the cargo area. It was 8:30 when I decided to have our luggage’s check in. Me first with my  manly huge luggage and my brother next with his Medium size Northface Camp Duffel bag now ready for check in …


wt: 18KG !!!


What a sight of relief!!! but my head “Damn! should have stuffed more clothes! “. and my brother ……….

wt: 8 KG!!

Both of us got 20 kg each and he check in with just this?!. MEN!!!!

Now I can say that both test where reliable because I did not pay any charges .  . Knowing your limits is a must and proper organization is the key.

Hope this blog would be helpful for those travelers who do not want to pay any charges for excess baggage and for girls like me who loves to pack too much clothes.

see you again on my next blog!!

Blogging on.





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