Gradient lips using Yoyoso brown bear jelly lip liquid


Korean trends are now the latest craze for each and everyone of us throughout the world. It’s like some sort of a disease (take it positively)  that starts to take control of you.


I remember during my college days, I’m so addicted on watching Korean movies.You cannot break yourself out of the fantasy until you finish all of the episodes even though your eyes feel like popping out because of lack of sleep. The craving just keeps on coming for another and so on . I love how their story goes, the sense of fashion (sometimes weird looking on us), places they shoot and mostly, how they have that simple yet flawless skin and minimalist makeup look.


Going back on the topic of this blog, let’s check how Korean’s look  or their minimalist makeup look.


As you can see they have flawless radiant dewy skin not matte, straight natural looking brows, simple eyeliner from black or brown eyeshadow, some shimmery shadows for their lids, a little flush on the cheeks and ombre like or stained lips.


If you come to think of it, having great skin means less makeup but not all of us were bless with clear skin and the complexion as well. Definitely, this look will not apply to all of us BUT don’t be sad with that because we still can achieve the gradient lips like Koreans do.

my attempt to be a korean kawaii

Gradient lips can be use by girls who have either thin lips or those who were bless with excess. YES darling , you can!!



Gradient lips is the best way to go for those girls who likes to have a bit of color on their lips or for others who are not comfortable wearing lipstick.


Now for ladies who have Thin lips, apply the liptint on the whole lips both up and down  to emphasize the corners of your lips making it more visible. Once you are contented with the color payoff which I think one swipe is enough from a good quality liptint, apply another on the inner part of your lips making sure that your lips are dry (no saliva) so that it would  stick easily and dry fast. Apply generous amount depending on your liking until you achieve that gradient effect you like or you could add some highlighter on your Cupid bow ( curve of the upper lips) to make them look fuller. Remember not to over do it or else it would not look natural.


Next is for ladies who were gifted with Fuller lips yet feel like they are way too much for you. First thing you wanna do is hydrate your lips (using a petroleum jelly, lip balms and any kind of your choice) because chappy lips are a NO NO especially that they are very obvious for this kind of lips. Once hydrated, ONLY apply the product on the center corner or you could go further just make sure to never emphasize the outer corners. Our goal here is to make our lips look smaller so we are going to give more attention on the center of the lips. One way also is to conceal our lips to neutralize the color but if you are not comfortable with that you can just leave your lips plain as it is. Apply again generous amount on the center until you are satisfied with the gradient effect you have .


I’m very sure you’ve heard about store  like MUMUSO (korean), MINISO (japanese)DAISO (japanese)  and now YOYOSO (korean).


These stores are now accessible everywhere and offer quality products especially for those addicted to Korean skin care at a very affordable price.


When MINISO Iloilo opened its store last May 4, 2017, I did not have the chance to check out the store but I did visit it days after yet people there where still hoarding over some of the products and so I decided to come again some other time( it did not happen).


It was July 8, 2017 when me and my brother decided to go here in manila to check out what luck destiny might have for both of us and I think we are staying here for quite a long time. While I was riding a bus, I saw some tarpaulin of YOYOSO’s grand opening outside Robinson Las Pinas. My cousin told me that it was a korean store like daiso,mumuso and miniso. Finally! this one is an easy access for me because my aunt’s house is near Robinson (one ride or walking distance)!


 It was 6 pm I think in the evening when I decided to went over to Robinson and check out the store( there where plenty of people).I did not have the chance to get some photos of the store but you can check that out on their page either IG or FB. The setting  and the wide range of selection of products was like other Korean and Japanese stores .


Most of the products are so kawaii especially the colors that they choose for every product were very appealing to the eyes but the makeup section is what I am very excited about. Scanning and testing through all there makeup my eyes caught something because of the packaging.


It’s this!!!

brown the bear (line character)
I remember they have 4 shades (red, orange, pink and a different variant of red)

Confused with the name of the product if this or the next pic. The label at the side I think got mix up like the Ingredients must be the first and the second is the Quality.


Name on the price tag and this only cost 99 pesos!!


Korean writings that I have no idea what the meaning is.


Capped with brown’s head and a clear plastic container so that you could see the product inside.


It has a oblong like doefoot applicator to spread the product evenly.


above: when spread and dry  


below: on application and wet


How they look on my lips with 1 swipes.



I really love the pigmentation it gives however it’s not long lasting ( like half a day ) but it’s worth the price you pay and atleast not a replica or what so it is safe.


1- lowest . . . . . . . . . . 5- highest


Longevity   → 4 ( once dry it settles down on your lips but needs some retouching,                            not long wearing)


Packaging   → 5 (not breakable because it is plastic)


Pigmentation → 5( i love the color payoff)


Smell   → 5 ( sweet fruity like scent)


Taste   → 3 (not candy flavor)


That’s all for this review!


Will definitely check out more of their makeup  products!


see you on my next blog!!







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