Hi everyone and welcome to my 2nd blog site!

I hope everyone is doing great which I think you are and for those who are not, just get up and say “I’M GONNA MAKE IT AND THINGS WILL BE OK!”. JUST ALWAYS STAY POSITIVE!!

Now everyone who might know me or not, might ask “You?going to blog? WHY?”.
Here is my answer.

Doing videos for Youtube is quite frustrating for me right now so I have to push through my passion by blogging. FINALLY after some sort of adjustment, I have the time to do my FIRST BLOG. !

Looks that I did upload on my present Youtube channel.


arci munoz look
instagram baddie
kendall jenner
rusty edgy makeup
korean makeup look with faux freckles

To tell you frankly, I’ve started blogging and Youtube year 2013 but it’s all about product review and makeup tutorials. I was single that time so my life is all about work, family,friends,myself and etc. Doing nothing tires me up hence it is a form of past time to exercise my sleepy head.

Before I even decided to enter the Youtube world, I would apply makeup to myself and take photos.




On my first Youtube channel I did some minion colors inspired makeup,colors of the flag makeup inspired for independence day, bridal, day and night, Miranda Kerr and alot more.

Time came and I did have a boyfriend and well of course my blogging and Youtube career is a secret. He slowly started discovering my blog site and well I quickly deleted first all my videos in my Youtube channel and next is my blogsite. It’s really embarrassing ,well because I’m an introvert that time.


Are familiar with fashion blogger Ms. Kryz Uy? The owner of the blogsite “THIRSTYTHOUGHTS”? ITS A BIG YES I THINK! WHO WOULD’NT KNOW HER!
When I started blogging that time, I literally have no idea about her and the name of her blogsite so do not even think that I did copy that. I learned the blogging system through some local youtubers like SAYTIOCOARTILLERO and those that are linked on photos when you searched something on google. I mostly do background checkup on makeup or beauty products that I would like to purchase.

I called it SPRINKLED THOUGHTS for the reason that, it’s what my brain can only come up with after all the brain storming during that time and well because there are times that ideas just came popping / sprinkling  from our head that suddenly gave us an idea (EUREKA) of something but ending up sometimes forgetting it.
Does that makes sense?

One more reason why I started blogging is that, there are times when you search for answers yet you cannot exactly find the right one you are looking for. Its really frustrating! You yourself have to find it on your own whether its true or not,
right or wrong by testing or doing some experiment to find proof and to justify whether its an  answer or not to your question.

I wanna share with you what I have learned through my experiences and I hope that SPRINKLED THOUGHTS would be a great help for you.

I’m not in anyway way saying or pointing out that I am a professional in this category.

I’m just a girl who wants to inspire other people, maybe not through my voice or any other form but through writing/ typing my thoughts down in this blog site.

I think thats all for this 1st blog.

see you on my next blog!

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